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Snow Machine on tripod.

Snow Machine Hire

Our powerful snow machines can blast a realistic snow effect over 17 metres, they use a compressor instead of a pump to push snow fluid though a fine fabric type mesh creating bubbles that look like snowflakes.  The rate that the fluid is pushed through the mesh is variable which determines the size of the flakes, the more fluid that is pushed thought the mesh the bigger the snow flakes. The flakes are then blown off the mesh by a powerful fan in the back of the snow machine. Because the flakes are very light they can be blown a long way.

Quick Dry Snowflake

The flakes created by our snow machines are a type of bubble which are dry to the touch, we use a special type of snow fluid that is bio-degradable. The snowflakes from our machines dry on the ground very quickly.  It’s worth making the point that our machines use about 4 litres of fluid in half an hour, if the snow machine is used where the snow is fired over a large area, say over 100m2, 4 litres of fluid left on the ground isn’t very much and will dry very quickly. However if the snow lands local to the machine, say a couple of metres, then it is worth considering that there maybe a build up of snow fluid which could cause a slip hazard.




DIMENSIONS: L 59 x W 44 x H 52 cm

Tank capacity 5 litres

Can be hung or floor mounted.

For other types of great snow effects, including Falling Snow Spray, Handheld Snow Cannons, and Decorative Snow, please visit our Snow Effects page.


Our snow machines work brilliantly outside as well as indoors, they have an IP rating (they are rainproof) and can fill a large area full of realistic looking snow. The single biggest issue working outside is any prevailing wind. The snow flakes from our machines are delicate and light and will of course be blown in the direction of the wind. This can be a help as well as a possible hindrance. The snow machines are easy to set up and only need a small operating area, so they are easy to move upwind if necessary. It has taken a lot of research to find suitable snow machines for us to hire and operate. The Snow Machines needed to be robust, versatile and of course produce a realistic snow effect. Simply put they need to make it look like it is really snowing.   

Over the years we have been asked to create many types of different effects. Snow and winter effects are a great addition our range. We have crew that have worked in film and TV and have the experience to help our clients produce great snow and winter scenes. We utilise our existing equipment and have hand picked new kit to help us produce fantastic snow effects.

Available to dry hire or with an operator.

Our Mini Blower makes a great snow machine, it can create a blizzard of snow using paper confetti snow. The machine can continuously blast snow in the air, it does not use consumables to operate, just electric. The main advantage over traditional snow machines is that the effect is dry.

Type of Snow Machine for hire.

Dry Paper Snow Machine

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snowflake Snowflake

Why Hire From Us?

When you hire a snow machine from Confetti Master you can be confident that our hard earned experience in hiring equipment to the events industry will benefit you.

Here are just some of the reasons to hire from us.

Our Snow Machines are manufactured in the EU.

We have a large amount of accessories to get the very best effect from our Snow Machines including 10 metre tripods, wind machines, lights etc.

Ten million pounds public liability insurance.

Five million pounds employees insurance.

We have risk assessments for everything.

Our snow fluid is the very best available and has all the H&S paperwork and European certificates.

Snowflake Snowflake



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