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Streamers in air over cricket pavilion at opening event

Streamer Cannons are a spectacular effect. The effect is created by firing hundreds of tightly rolled lengths of paper. The streamers can vary in length from 5 to 20 metres and come in widths of 1cm or 5cm. There is also a choice of pretty much any colour, including metallic. When fired from one of our big confetti cannons the streamers can reach a height of about 30 metres, streamers go much further than confetti fired from the same cannon.

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Streamer Cannon

A great advantage of using streamers is that they are really easy to clean up

Stadium Shot cannons with streamers on the ground after being launched Two types of streamer cannons rigged and ready to fire

We generally use 2 types of cannon to fire streamers; disposable E-Shot Cannons and reusable Stadium Shot Cannons, we quite often use both types of cannon at the same time, you can see photos on this page. The cannons are controlled using a control desk. Both types of cannon require a 13 amp power supply.

Multi coloured streamers

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