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Large T-shirt Launcher availble to hire

T-Shirt Launcher/Cannons are a great way to connect with a large crowd or audience. Using a T-Shirt Cannon at a big event is a fantastic way for a sponsor to create mass attention for themselves; they are also a great way for an artist or performer to interact with a large crowd.

T-shirt Launchers have been extremely popular in the United States for many years and Confetti Master now has 2 types of cannon available to hire with operator in the UK.

We are quite often asked how safe the launchers are. The launchers are very safe, we always fire the T-Shirt Cannon pointing upwards, this means that the t-shirts trajectory is an arch, meaning the t-shirt falls under it own weight.  

T -Shirt Launchers Hire

Small T-shirt Launcher

Our big T-Shirt Launcher can fire a t-shirt about 90 metres. It is powered using refillable co2 tanks; each tank contains about 20oz of liquid co2. The cannon weighs 7lbs. The distance the cannon fires can be controlled by how much pressurised co2 is taken from the co2 tank into the cannon.

Our smaller t-shirt cannon can fire a t-shirt an impressive distance (about 65 metres) and is also powered using liquid co2. The smaller launcher weighs about 4lbs.

Folding Instructions

Any t-shirt fired from the launcher need to be folded in a particular way!

First lay the t-shirt out flat, then fold the t-shirt in half (shoulder to shoulder) and then in half again. Then starting at the bottom roll the shirt (as tightly as possible) into a fat sausage shape.

The tighter the t-shirt is rolled the better it will launch from the launcher. Secure the t-shirt shape using elastic bands.

The better the t-shirt fits in the barrel of the launcher the further it will go. If the t-shirt fits snugly in the barrel it builds up back pressure and none of the gas goes to waste.

Not just for t-shirts, the second video down on this page shows us test firing a soft toy (a broccoli!).

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Sensational range over 85 metres!

T Shirt Launcher

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