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Confetti Master is a professional specialist confetti effects company; we provide elegant and dramatic confetti effects for all kind of events. We can supply anything from a one shot 30cm confetti cannon up to a massive liquid Co2 continuous flow blaster.   

We try and identify exactly what the client is trying to achieve and use various type of confetti equipment to create their vision. We also sell confetti.

Handheld confetti cannons with different types of confetti Large T-shirt launcher available to hire Two types of confetti cannons rigged and ready to fire

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At Confetti Master we have many confetti cannons that produce lots of different types of confetti effects. We have built a large collection of confetti cannons, and other equipment, that can launch anything from a few flakes of snow spray up to filling an arena with a massive confetti cloud. We hire our confetti cannons for all kinds of events and venues.  We have confetti cannons and equipment from the world’s best manufacturers including USA, Europe and the Far East.

Confetti Cannon Experts

Confetti Master has been established for over 10 years and in this time we have collected many interesting pieces of equipment (not just confetti cannons). This now includes T-shirt Cannons, Snow Machines, UV confetti (it really does glow in the dark) and massive balloons.

The Confetti Master website also has an online shop were we sell professional Handheld Confetti Cannons. Our Handheld Confetti Cannons come in three sizes and can be filled with a choice of colours, customers can customise the colour of confetti on line.

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Six streamer cannons firing gold streamers over the stage

Streamer Cannons

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Our next generation Snow Machines create fantastic falling snow effects. Add magic and spectacle to any event. Our Snow Machines use biodegradable fluids to generate a quick drying snow flake.

Hire a Snow Machine

We stock some great snow effects to purchase including Display Snow, Falling Snow Spray and Handheld Snow Cannons.

Artificial display snow products

Snow Spray

Confetti Master Snow Effects. Realistic snow effects anytime of year.

Snow Machine Confetti Master Store | Buy Confetti, Snow and Other Effects Here.

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Confetti Cannons over crowd at Brixton Academy White confetti from co2 confetti blasters

Confetti Master working for Mercedes F1

Confetti Master working at Brixton Academy

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